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I find that rolling my towels (wash cloths) not only saves storage space but it also (more importantly lol) makes for a stylish alternative to the typical flat, bi-fold. As shown in my photo, I stack my rolled towels on top of each other in a pyramid shape which makes for a cute little display presentation…this shape also works well to hold each towel in place.

I put these displays around my house, in each bathroom…on the sink vanities and also around the bathtubs. These towels very rarely actually get used by I think people are always too afraid to mess up the display…haha. They do however, draw in endless compliments from guests who become instantly inspired to turn their bathrooms into little spa sanctuaries.

I generally purchase these towels from Amazon as they don’t really need to be the best quality. For my displays, I just use the Amazon Basics Cotton Wash cloths. You can buy 60 of these towels for just a little over $25.00…which I think is pretty decent, seeing as wash cloths in general aren’t that cheap in price.

You can put your towel pyramids directly on your restroom vanity or you can use a little stand to elevate your pyramid which will give more of a showcase look. As shown in my photo, I like to use glass stands as this gives my pyramids more of a glam appearance.  This is just one little simple idea that will give your restrooms instant glam spa vibes.

In my master bathroom, I compliment my towel pyramid displays with a couple of candles and lanterns to complete my spa ambiance. Being a Momtreprenuer, life can get pretty chaotic so I try my best to create a relaxing, stress-free environment at home which makes my home my haven!

Please feel free to share some of your creative around-the-home ideas! 

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