So this past weekend I was very busy helping with my eldest sister’s first baby shower! The actual event took place on Sunday, May 7th . IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! The set up and decorations truly brought to life Kai’s vision and theme “The Enchanted Garden.” Everything was perfect, from the delicious 4 course meal to the amazing and creative drinks (virgin and alcoholic) we were served! I would like to give a couple of MAJOR credits to three of the vendors who also helped bring the vision to life: @Edelheisswine for the exceptional red wine all of our guests were served, @BloomLifeInc for all of the beautiful flowers that @TheSecretGarden90210 arranged for the shower! I have lots of photos and video footage to share with you all…so I really don’t need to go into chronical the event in any great detail lol….Enjoy!

The Entrance to the Enchanted Garden with the Mother and Father to be:


The Pathway to the Main Event:


The Dinner Set Up. Dinner was served in the “Enchanted Garden”


Kai opted for a simple but beautiful Rose Gold and Pink Table setting complemented with beautiful flowers provided by: @BloomLuxuryInc and arranged by: @TheSecretGarden90210 who also provided the amazing Golden Floral candelabra’s. (This is the same company who created my Floral Umbrellas)


My favourite part of any party is always the sweets table! Kai’s sweet table was no exception…just beautiful! Guests were served white chocolate covered rice crispy’s, white chocolate covered strawberries, designer cookies, cupcakes and slices from her delicious naked cake.


 @Edelheisswine who provided us with the BEST, full body red wine…all of the guests were asking about it lol


Cute Touch: Creative Specialty Drink Names at the bar along with my infamous floral ice cubes (D.I.Y video on the way for these)


The games were a hit as usual..I was able to take photos of  the guests playing the bottle drinking contest, the baby food guessing game and the baby scramble! Of course I wasn’t able to take photos during the game I played


The Favor table was super cute offering the guests bath bombs and custom “Baby Rain” Bath Scrubs!


Each guest was served: 1. Kale Salad made with a creamy caesar and made with anchovy dressing. 2. Crab and Shrimp Seafood Pasta (not pictured) 3. Honey Garlic Prawns and or Jerk Chicken served with rice pilaf and Broccolini prepared by Chef Kayla Greer (@ChefKayKay)


Some of our family, friends and the mommy to be posing at the photobooth!


The Beautiful Mommy & Daddy sharing a moment!



Baby Rain..We are all patiently awaiting your arrival..especially your first cousin who cannot wait to play with you and protect you on the playground! Counting down the days until we meet!