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If you’re anything like me, you cringe at the thought of leaving your young one(s) in the care of someone else…even if it’s in an emergency situation. There are so many negative possibilities and “what if situations” that drive you absolutely crazy!
Over the years..Dr.’s have definitely changed the “rules” when it comes to babies do’s and dont’s. Things that were once thought of as normal and “okay,” are now totally a no go and vice versa. Saying that, if you do ever happen to need last minute, emergency help..even if your helper has many years of experience with babies..ALWAYS be sure that they are updated with the most recent guidelines your pediatrician has has provided you with.

Below I have listed forbidden foods that pediatricians currently say we should NEVER give our babies. Whether you are a seasoned mommy, a first time mommy or not even a parent at all (but babysit from time to time) here’s a list I am sure you will find to be useful:

  1. NO Water
  2. NO Honey
  3. NO Peanut Butter
  4. NO Tree Nuts
  5. NO Citrus or Acidic Fruits
  6. NO Grapes
  7. NO Raw Strawberries, Blackberries or Raspberries
  8. NO Egg Whites
  9. NO Whole milk as a drink
  10. NO Wheat

As I always remind you guys, I am only a first time mommy…not a doctor or pediatrician. I am just here to share information I believe is very important and useful. As super protective and cautious parents…the bad thoughts will always swarm our heads but there are little things we can do to ease these mental pains (lol).


Type up a list of foods and activities that are off limits for your baby. Keep a couple of copies of these lists in your baby’s diaper bag so that if you’re ever godforbid in an emergency situation and have to drop your baby at his/her grandparents or aunt’s or uncle’s house, they will have your list accessible and can use it to help guide them.

Remember that in most cases..especially when it pertains to our’s better to be safe than sorry. You can NEVER provide too much helpful information lol. NEVER let anyone make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because you are giving them what they might consider to be “too much information.” You can NEVER “over do it” when it comes to providing guidelines to keep YOUR baby safe and healthy.