“Seek RESPECT not attention, it lasts longer.”

“The Most dangerous animal in the world is a silent smiling woman.”

“There is NOTHING more Classy or Powerful than showing forgiveness and grace to someone who does not deserve it.”

All of these quotes come to my mind when I think about the importance of always remaining classy and showing grace no matter what situation I am put in.

We live in a time where most of our youth are strongly influenced by social media and the actions of public figures. Whether we have 1 follower or 500 million followers, we are all role models to someone…the question is..whether we are a GOOD role model or not. Remember, someone is ALWAYS watching. I personally am very aware..and try to be very careful of what I put on the internet. I know who and what type of followers I have…young women. Although I admit to being extremely private about my personal life..I know that when I post….I must use my platform in a responsible and positive way.

As I always say, none of us are perfect..there are times when we may allow others to take us out of character once in a while…and do a little something that isn’t so classy or graceful lol…that’s okay…..BUT we should NEVER make “acting out of character” a habit.

-REMEMBER, even if it’s true, not everything needs to be verbalized. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. There is something to be said about someone who can hold his or her tongue. My rule of thumb be classy, “put it on mute if it’s not cute.” There is also something to be said about those who make it a priority to speak without vulgarity. People..especially children are more than likely watching..and THEY WILL COPY

-REMEMBER, although some may not like it, we ARE judged on our appearance, how we choose to put ourselves together. I am not suggesting that everyone should dress conservatively 24/7. I am a firm believer in individuality and being able to express one self through fashion. Balance and modesty is indicative to appearing classy.

In conclusion, we should be role models to all, even a complete stranger. Strive to be that classy and graceful breath of fresh air that others will also aspire to be 

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