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I receive so many direct messages and emails on a daily basis from new mommys and seasoned mommys regarding Motherhood….My pregnancy experiences/pregnancy milestones, My favorite baby products, My experience with breastfeeding, properly  setting baby schedules, how to effectively bond with baby, My newborn/infant do’s and dont’s.

If you have found your way to my blog, you more than likely already know I am a new mommy…not just any mommy though lol….I am definitely what most would consider a crazy new mom..haha. I am a complete health and safety freak as most of us are when it’s our first time!

Of all of the sections in my blog, I am definitely most excited about this section….I feel that people on social media tend to get annoyed with new mommys lol because we like to post ANY and EVERYTHING that has to do with our babies whether it be new cute baby outfits, new toys or even a new set of bottles we have started to use lol. Needless to say, in order to not annoy my followers..I will be posting journals on here so that if this topic is not of any interest to those followers…they will not be forced to read/see it on my instagram or snap!

For those who email/dm me interested in this category feel free to comment on my instagram account with your thoughts- I appreciate all feedback !