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This post is for my Expecting New Mommy’s and my Active New Mommy’s! So…..I know this is all of our first go round as a “Mama” so I wanted to answer a few of your questions regarding my baby bottle of choice!

No matter how much research you do on bottles prior to your delivery, every baby is different so what other mommy’s may deem as the “best bottle ever” may not necessarily be the best bottle for your baby.  Bottles are made of different materials such as: plastic, glass and stainless steel and each of these materials obviously have their pros and cons.

Choosing a good quality bottle is extremely important for many reasons:

  1. A bottle that is a “good” fit for your baby may prevent him/her from swallowing air which can prevent colic and gas for your little one.
  2. A bottle that is a “good” fit for your baby may be easier to clean which obviously means less germs for your little one.
  3. A bottle that is a “good” fit for your baby may literally be the best fit for your little drinkers hands. If your baby can hold his/her bottle easily this will make your baby’s feedings much easier and enjoyable for the both of you.
  4. A bottle or nipple that is a “good” fit for your baby may be the only type that is usable for your little one as he/she may be allergic to other nipple (latex/silicone) materials.
  5. Above all, a bottle that is “good” for your baby should be CHEMICAL FREE. We all know babies can be very expensive but please do NOT cheat your little one when it comes to his/her health. ALWAYS be mindful of what you are indirectly/directly giving your little one and when in doubt ASK your pediatrician any questions you may have- they are there to help you every step of the way! 

My current Bottle of choice is the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Baby Bottle. I absolutely LOVE these bottles!

  1. They are BPA (Bisphenol A: believe it or not many baby bottles are still illegally made with this chemical), PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), lead and phthalate FREE.
  2. The Bottles have a special internal vent system that removes air from milk maintains essential vitamins such as C, A and E!
  3. They are made of Silicone and Polypropylene which is recommended to use by the AAP if you are going the plastic bottle route.
  4. I would be lying if I said baby gas and baby spit ups don’t occur however this has been very minimal compared to reviews I’ve read of Mommy’s using other bottle brands.
  5. After 4 months of usage I have yet to experience even one leak with any of my 8 bottles from this company.
  6. This company offers many Nipples “levels” that vary is size and shape which provides different flow rates depending on your baby’s age.

Each bottle has a total of 6 pieces (Bottle, Bottle “collar” or lid, Silicone Nipple, 2 pc internal vent, travel cap) and it is EXTREMELY important that you keep them fresh and clean at ALL times! (Please note if you are planning to breastfeed and bottle feed like myself, it is very important and recommend by lactation counselors to strictly breastfeed (to ensure a great latch) and not introduce a bottle to your baby until after the 6th week of exclusively breastfeeding). Please remember that I am obviously no pediatrician lol but I am just sharing with you all what works for me 

My next two Mommy & Me Blogs will be my review on my Bottle Steamer and Bottle brushes of choice. Stay Tuned 

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