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Keeping your baby bottles clean and sterilized at all times is (obviously) extremely important. Your baby is most prone to illness in his/her first year of life due to having little to no immune system. If you are not keeping your babies bottle clean and sterilized you risk allowing bacteria to build up which could make your little one very sick.

  1. If the bottles you are using are anything like my brand (Dr. Browns) of choice, (meaning that they have several pieces) it is imperative that you completelydetach all of your bottle parts before washing. This will ensure that once you are finished, each bottle is 100% clean in every nook and cranny.
  2. Instead of using the traditional sink method (which I believe still has lots of germs even after a thorough cleaning), to ensure even more cleanliness, I then take my large tuppaware (pre-sanitized thoroughly by myself), fill it with hot water and my Honesty Baby Dishwasher Detergent.
  3. I then let the bottles sit and soak in the hot soapy water.
  4. After the bottles have soaked, I take my Foonii 6 in 1 Bottle Brushes and clean inside of each bottle/nipple and then in each crevice of the bottle. Be sure to only use your bottle brushes for your baby’s bottles. To avoid cross contamination NEVER use your baby bottle brushes on anything else.
  5. Once I have thoroughly cleaned my bottles with my bottle brushes I Sterilize them. I will cover my sterilizing process/review my sterilizing products in my next article 
  6. I wash each used bottle after every feeding as I can’t stand the smell or sight of the excess formula/milk sitting in the bottle! This does become time consuming however, it is definitely worth it in the long run.

I have attached a photo of my Fooni Bottle Brushes as well as my Grass Counter Top Drying Rack.


Fooni Bottle Brushes: 10/10: These brushes are very good quality and definitely make cleaning my baby bottles extremely easy- they really do get into every crevice.

Grass Counter Top Drying Rack: 10/10: I LOVE this drying rack! I also use it to hold other clean accessories such as pacifiers, teethers, and even some of my breast pumping pieces! Instead of drying your bottles on a paper towel that will become soaked this Drying rack drains excess water from your baby items into its lower tray. I do wish it was a little bigger  I will definitely need the “LAWN” size soon to hold baby cups!

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