An Encouraging Letter to My Fellow Mummy’s & Mummy to Be’s! 

Adjusting to all of the different aspects of motherhood can be and is very difficult for 99.9% of us. As cliche as it sounds, regardless of how much you may prepare yourself for those difficult, breakdown worthy moments...and of course those unavoidable sleepless nights, we may at times feel that we are never quite prepared or good enough.

 We may often feel “Mommy Guilt” for the most minute things. Some days feeling like we don’t have enough energy to give our babies or to even make it through the day. Other days worrying about not being there and missing certain milestones, like first words, first crawl, or first steps. We may stress ourselves out to the highest degree because we feel like we are failing at being that “Perfect Mommy” we once thought we would be. As a mommy who knows these feelings all too well, I want to encourage and let you know that if you are giving full effort and unconditional love YOU ARE ENOUGH. You will always be enough. Of course we will have great days and tough ones too, but just know...


Another thing I have noticed about myself as well as my fellow mommy friends is that we are much too hard on ourselves. We have got to remember that we are only human and we cannot and will not be perfect at all times. Ironically, this is exactly what I feel makes life so beautiful. The imperfections in it. The ups & downs, and the obstacles & struggles we are constantly faced with, are what makes us HUMAN and gives us character and dimension. 

My journey of motherhood has been incredibly life changing for me to say the least. As a child, adolescent and young adult, I for the most part only had to worry about myself. I was used to taking care of ME, and only me. When I had my baby I naturally wasn’t used to spending every waking second solely on someone else. Now that I’m 17 months in, my life, perspective on life, and priorities have obviously completely changed. With that being said, I now have a hard time focusing/putting any energy into myself. Lol.. it’s literally apart of becoming a Mommy..not saying you will lose “yourself” but there have been several occasions where I have looked at myself in the mirror and just laughed. Silly things I used to stress about like nail/hair/ or any type of pampering appointments (that I used to regularly make), are literally my last priority. Personally, I don’t mind it at all, however I am currently trying to find a healthy balance between "Mom Life" & "Me Time", which I’m very excited to share with you guys! 

   Thank You guys so much for reading! I can’t wait to start blogging regularly again :)

Stay Tuned...