Hey Guys! I’m so happy to start blogging again! I’ve been ready to return to blogging for a while now, but figured what better time to start than on the day we celebrate Mommy’s! 

   This Mother’s Day is a pretty sentimental to me because I’ll be surprising my son with something I’ve been (mentally) designing ever since I found out I was having a baby boy. I wouldn’t say that it’s a tradition in my family, but I did get the idea from something my parents also gave me and my sisters when we were young. That being a custom playroom- ours was an under the ocean-inspired playroom! 


Before I found out the gender of my baby I had a couple ideas in mind...

For a Girl

- A Mermaid Seashell Room


Gender Neutral Option

- Floating Parachute In The Sky


For a Boy

- A Castle


   I obviously went with a castle since I had a boy. I admitedly wanted to keep it cliche and stuck with the theme of his name Prince.” 

   Being a very hands-on mom, it was very important to me that I was able to be involved in bringing my vision to life. That being said, I was very happy to use my ideas down to the color, molding details, shape and functions for the castle. I obviously couldn’t help the contractor, Mr. Hubbard, who physically built the I was very happy that he allowed me to contribute anywhere I could, while also documenting the process. 

   I won’t go into too much detail about the process now, simply because it’s documented and will be shown in my upcoming vlogs. For now, here are some more photographs of the castle and the special detailing I used.

...Stay tuned for my next video blog showcasing a walk-through tour of Little P's Castle! 


A very special thank you to @C.Hubb_Studio for your creative carpentry & bringing my vision to life! If any of my readers are interested in building something lime this for your children please feel free to contact him directly at


Little P's toddler "Prince Robe" can be purchased by clicking HERE