Dear Little P, 

   There aren’t many things that excite me these days, the way that watching you grow does. Watching you grow and do things for the first time is such an addicting, fulfilling feeling! Whether it’s traveling the world with mommy or equestrian riding for the first time at just 1 year old...your expressions and excitement are always priceless. On this day you rode your first horse (3 to be exact) at Le Chateau in North Carolina. At first, you were very skeptical about these big creatures but of course in no time you warmed up to them and couldn’t get enough!!

   I can’t wait until you are old enough to see all of your photos and watch all of the footage Mommy is constantly documenting of your every move. LOL! You are such a smart and well rounded little gentleman! I can’t wait for you to experience your next adventure!!!


              Love, Mommy 


P.S.  I want to give a very special thank you to Dr. Kathy and Mr. Keith for bringing us and offering such impeccable hospitality. You have the most beautiful "glam farm" chateau EVER! Little P and I will be back for our tea and etiquette seminar. 💓