It’s about that time again! School has either started or is starting soon for most, so I wanted to share some advice that I used to get and still until this day get requests for!

As some of you do, or don’t know..I graduated college with a Bachelors Degree. As with anything, college (or school in general) has its ups and downs but it’s most definitely do-able, and can also be enjoyable if you do it right :) 


Here are some of my top tips on how to have a successful school year: 


1. Limit your Social Media/Recreational Internet usage: If you don’t have self discipline, Social Media can become one of your greatest downfalls in school (and in life). Constantly scrolling and reading about other people is not only a unproductive waste of time, but can also distract you from your own reality. Once summer is over, if you are enrolled in school, it is time to focus on your academics. At this time you should not be concerned with where so-n-so is vacationing or where they went to dinner last night. Tighten up and buckle down and now use that same energy you’ve been putting into SM towards your education and FUTURE!


2. Take Pride in all of your work: Whether it’s a small homework assignment or a group project..everything counts (or, it all matters)! Remember, no’s always safest and best to go above and beyond! Do the most! Why not?! Honestly if you were to ask anyone who has ever had a class with me..I was the annoying “kiss-up” who would always participate, as well as offer my assistance if it seemed like the teacher needed help with anything.  I literally would try to impress my teachers with my assignments, as if they were my boss..and it worked every time! Disregard whatever negative comments your classmates might make about your disposition...remember you’re in school for ONE get an education. Who cares what your classmates think about you! If you focus on that, it can only serve as a distraction from your ultimate goal of graduating. 


3. ALWAYS ask questions: If you’re finding that you are not understanding certain concepts, be sure to always get clarification from your professor or tutor to ensure that you don’t fall behind. Take full advantage of your professor’s office hours. Office hours are a great opportunity to show your professor that you are well vested in his/her course and that you take your education seriously. If you are really struggling with a course, little things like bringing your professor a cup of coffee or a small snack.. might go a long way.


4. Come Prepared: Always stay current with reading assignments and homework in general. Make sure you always pack whatever necessary books and items you need for that day, from the night before. I don’t know if teachers still dock points for not having your book/necessary materials..but in my day (lol) they did...and as I stated earlier, everything don’t let your lack of preparation be the reason why at the end of the semester, you’re on the border of an A- and a B+! 


Last but not least:


5. Keep your eye on the prize: It’s important to avoid getting ahead of yourself by setting unrealistic goals. Only set goals you know are achievable, that way you can always keep your momentum, while keeping your eye on the prize. After all, you’re literally paying to go to school for several years… so why not make the most of it and mentally soak up all that you can while you’re there! Think about this, when in life do you pay for something and then deliberately waste it or not take full advantage of it's benefits? I honestly can’t think of one time that I have ever done that! LOL… Again, (or let me reiterate) if I’m paying for something..I’m going to make every effort to take full advantage of whatever it is. Try and have that same mind set when it comes to school! 


Wishing you all a successful school year!!!



P.S: Just because you’re in school..or you may have graduated college, doesn’t mean you’re better or smarter than those who haven’t. Also please realize that a formal or higher education does not necessarily appeal to everyone, nor is it a prerequisite for success. If you do the research, you’ll find that many of the worlds most successful people have never set foot in college. However, research also shows that despite great success, some have chosen to return to school in order to fill that need they have to get a degree. (This is however a topic for another post). Needless to say, whatever path you chose to achieve your life’s goals, it will still require hard work and sticktoitiveness. So if college is the path you have chosen, then be tenacious and do your utmost to succeed at it.