Hey guys! So many of you on my social media accounts always ask about my workout routine. The truth is..I really don’t have one..a structured one anyway. I kind of work out randomly..most consistently when I take my son outside for his walk…which obviously isn’t too rigorous at all. After I gave birth, working out and “looking good” was literally the last thing on my to-do list. All of my energy went towards work and more importantly spending quality time with my son. 

  During my pregnancy, I actually didn’t gain too much weight. At delivery I weighed around 155 pounds and when I gave birth I dropped to about 148 pounds. After breastfeeding, I dropped to 143 pounds…ever since then my weight has increased! Yes, I said it lol…I weigh more today than I did after I gave birth. I guess you can say I’ve been living my BEST, Stress-Free life! Lol Eating whatever you want..whenever you want does have its perks lol but the after effects of weight gain, guilt and..well nausea, aren’t the best lol. That being said..its time to cutout the nonsense! Not necessarily in attempt to only “look good” but to actually FEEL GOOD. 

  My current diet is not junk-filled but I do have some bad habits and like to indulge here and there. Here are some of the restrictions I will be giving myself:

  1. No eating after 8:00pm (this has helped me to easily and quickly drop weight in the past)
  2. Only drinking water, however I will allow myself to have 1 cup of juice a day…juice is one of my main weaknesses lol (NO SODA)
  3. Light, 30 minute workouts 5 out of 7 days a week (wearing waist trainer/sweatband)
  4. No restrictions on carbs but will be limiting them.

   I plan on abiding by these rules for the next 2 weeks. After September 4th, I won’t be as strict because these guidelines aren’t intended to be longterm changes..I’ve put these in place, only to get off to a quick motivating start. In the past I’ve found that one of the keys to me getting in shape and actually staying in shape has a lot to do with setting realistic guidelines that I can hold to..basically making lifestyle changes instead of temporary ones. So on September 5th I will be sharing with you guys my realistic longterm guidelines.

    Every week, I will be keeping you guys updated with my progress and showing you some of my workouts, meals/snacks, supplements that are apart of my journey. 

My Problem Areas:

  1. Upper arm fat/armpit fat
  2.  Needs to Tighten Stomach
  3.  Outer Thigh Celulite 

August 20th CheckIn Weight: 149.9 pounds.


My ideal weight: 130 pounds. No, I do not have a set deadline for my ideal weight but my past has shown me that when I don’t focus on the number on the scale…results come MUCH faster. Thank you guys for reading and l look forward to keeping you guys updated with my progress!



Jordy C.