Yep! I framed some of Little P's art in our living room!



     There are many qualities I want to begin instilling in my now! Some of these are; honesty, responsibility, humility, patience, courage, compassion, respect, confidence and pride. The two qualities I will focus on in this post will be confidence & pride. 

It’s so important to me that my son has the confidence to do anything he wants in life. To begin to build that confidence, I have started to teach him to always try his best, by putting his all in EVERYTHING that he does. This I feel will make it easier for him to begin to take pride in his endeavors. Some may feel that it's "too early" to inculcate these qualities in toddlers, but I beg to differ. In saying this, in no way do I believe teaching children about values should be a lecture, but rather this can be done through activities.

    One of the activities my son thoroughly enjoys is painting. Everytime he paints a new masterpiece I am always sure to tell him how great they look and how talented he is! I then put them on display in his room so he can always see and show them to our friends and our family. 

    Last month I  decided to redecorate one of the walls in my family room. I knew that I wanted to have 3 large frames hung on the wall, but wasn't sure as to what style of art I wanted. Instead of hanging famous paintings or any other expensive artwork that has no real significance in my life... I thought to myself, why not have my little Picasso create some large masterpieces? The very next day I purchased large canvas paper and my little Picasso went to work to create the large masterpieces you now see hanging in our family room. Now everytime we have guests over, Little P can't wait to walk them to the wall and show them his masterpieces. NOBODY ever believes me when I tell them he painted them..LOL! Everyone is always completely shocked, which also leads them to tell Prince how great a little painter he is. This excites me so much to see him so proud of his work and also confident of his painting skills! 


   Here are The Little Prince's masterpiece's on display:

We went with a grey and black palate as I told little P that I wanted a subtle color scheme. As a child, i’m sure he would’ve opted for a bright and colorful scheme but I told him that would work much better in his spaces.


The Process!

I'm soooo upset!! I'm just now realizing I have no photos of little P actually painting with his brush or fingers! My little one is extremely active lol so I more than likely had no free hands and also didn't even think to take any step by step photos for this! I will say painting with the kiddies is fun but it can also be a lot of work if your little one is extremely active and wants to eat the paint, get up or even paint your furniture! lol


Special thank you to 

  1. Ikea: Non Toxic Kids paint by MALA. Click here to purchase.

  2. -Michael's: Large Canvas Paper. Click here to purchase.

  3. Aaron Brothers: Large Frames ( I had mine custom spray painted gold) Click here to purchase.



 As always, thank you all for checking in and reading todays post!