Hey loves! I hope you all are having the best week! As some of you who follow me on social media know, I’ve been doing renovations on my home for about 6 months now. This is the first home I’ve owned that i’m customizing to my liking. Although it’s technically my first time doing this, fortunately, i’m pretty familiar with the process. My parents have been in the real estate industry for several years and I’ve also been a fan of HGTV..House Hunters (international preferably), Fixer Upper and Love it or List It for as long as I can remember!

The renovation process has been ALOT. Alot of everything lol….my time, my thoughts/ideas, stress and money. Sheesh! Overall it has been nothing short of an overwhelming and exhausting experience lol. I literally never want to have to do it again. Even though it is tiring and lots of work, I don’t allow those things to discourage me too much as I know I will fall in love with the end results!

I’ve been working on different parts of my house, section by section and the part that i’m currently renovating are the bathrooms. One thing about me is that I love lots of different styles/themes. Initially, I wanted each bathroom to have its own theme…unfortunately I had to get real and understand that if I did that, the house wouldn’t flow. Sooooo…I decided to keep everything clean…more on the modern side while also incorporating other styles in very small details.

I absolutely love all of these bathrooms! I used these as a point of reference to the bathrooms I am currently renovating!

I also love all of these bathrooms although I didn’t use these as Inspo!

No worries loves, when all of my bathrooms complete the renovations, I will be showing you guys the before and after photos and videos! I will also point out all of the features I took from my Inspo photos that I posted today. Last but certainly not least…I will be giving you guys my tips and tricks on how to save money when renovating your own bathrooms at home. As always..thanks for reading and talk to ya soon!