I'm're unlucky...we are all unlucky..but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

Scale of Luck:

Super Lucky-10: Winning the super lotto

    YOU are more than likely in the middle here 

Super UnLucky-1: Out of work for 5 years 

         *99.9% of us stand in the middle of being super lucky and being super unlucky.*


 If we were all super lucky and won the lotto...none of us would be motivated to work or to have jobs and careers. Nobody would care about learning or going to school because we wouldn't need to learn skills or need degrees to get certain jobs. We would more than likely be lazy and feel entitled to things we have no business being entitled to. Fortunately, 99.9% of us are all unlucky and will never win the we will continue to rely on our good ol' hard work (not luck) to reach our goals. 

     Being unlucky in a sense gives us purpose. It should give us motivation to go out and work harder at whatever it is we want to do. Take for example the story of Businessman, Mark Cuban. Mark was fired from his salesman job during a time when the market was bad and jobs were scarce. Since the market was so poor, he was forced to start his own business to generate income. Today Mark is worth an estimated 3.9 billion dollars. I'm certain the day he was fired he felt as if it was the worst day of his life and felt like it was bad luck. Today, looking back, I'm sure he would now view that day as one of the most life changing days of his life. Needless to say, whether you realize it at the time or not, bad luck can sometimes be a good thing. 

     Counting on good luck is essentially the same as waiting around for a handout..DON'T BE LAZY, just waiting around for anything. Rely on your own hard work. I'm not denying that good luck doesn't play a small role in some people's success. It just by no means should be viewed as the decider of your life's fate. Naturally, some days we will feel like we have extremely bad luck or extremely good luck, but what really matters ultimately is what we do with it. When bad luck we sit around and mope about it? Or do we use it to motivate ourselves to get out and work overtime to get the outcome we want?! Did Mark Cuban waste his life being mad at the world, blaming people or things for getting fired and being unemployed? NO. He used that unfortunate circumstance as motivation to make something greater.

     All that to say, bad luck doesn't guarantee bad outcomes just as good luck doesn't guarantee good outcomes! Always remember that when it comes to luck, whether its good or bad, the only thing that matters is what you do with it! :)