Hey Loves,

I hope all of you guys’ 2019 has been amazing so far!

Coming into the New Year, I promised myself that I would try to drink as clean as possible. I’ve always had a REAL love for juice lol. Childish…I know, but I just have to have it. I’ve also incorporated more water into my daily drinking diet, which for me is a lot of progress in itself lol. As most of you who follow me on snapchat know…i’ve always been a huge Veggie Juice “presser”….meaning that I make my own juice from vegetables…at home. Pressing my veggies into juice as a “healthy drink” has always been a consistent part of my “diet lifestyle” in the past. Unfortunately though, I would still indulge in Simply Lemonades as my “junk” juice. I love all of the “Simply” brands juices…but they are literally the furthest thing possible from “healthy.” Saying that, I’ve started juicing/pressing fruits, which have now been added in my refrigerators weekly rotation, replacing all of the unhealthy store-bought drinks I used to drink!


My favourite fruit juice flavors so far are simple but delicious lol:

  1. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

  2. Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

  3. Fresh Pressed Carrot & Apple Juice


Good for the kiddos!

I’ve never been big on giving my son juices. My close friends and family literally think I'm a “mean mom” because i’m pretty “strict” on what I allow him to have..especially “sweets wise”. Yes, I consider juice a “sweet”..afterall it has tons of sugars…natural or not, sugar is sugar in my eyes. With that being said, when I do allow my son to have juice at home, it’s always one of the fresh juiced flavors I listed above. Diluted of course lol. I feel, if he’s going to drink should be juice in its raw/most natural state with no concentrated junk, added sweetners/flavors or bad sugars. It’s also my way to get him to eat his carrots without realizing itl. You guys know i’m all about sneaking in veggies wherever/whenever I can hehe.


The process is simple as usual. I’ve actually done a fresh squeezed orange juice post before…so this is really for the Carrot/Apple juice.

-The machine I use to press my apples and carrots is by Breville. It's the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor. It can be purchased on Amazon for $145.50USD by clicking here.

-The Juicer I currently use is by Cuisinart. It’s the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citris Juicer. It can also be purchased on Amazon for $26.50USD by clicking here

-Bottles! I love these swing top bottles by Otis Classic. They are the Otis Classic 16oz. Swing Top Class Bottles. The set of 6 can also be purchased on Amazon for $19.95USD by clicking here. I Love the fact that this bottle set also comes with Chalkboard Labels/Pen.

-Fruits & Veggies of your choice!

Juice Away Loves!

Cheers to a Happy & Healthy 2019!


Jordan Craighealth