I absolutely love looking out at water..whether it be a large body of water such as an ocean or a smaller body of water such as a pool. I find that looking at water makes me extremely calm, it truly puts me in a peaceful state of mind which in turn often provides me with great clarity. This is no surprise as water, even dating back to ancient times has been associated with relaxation and healing.

 Sidenote: I recently learned that we are all naturally attracted to the color blue and aquatic hues. There has also been strong evidence proving that blue is most of the world’s  favorite color. Studies have shown that this is because people associate the color blue with qualities such as calmness, wisdom and openness. 

Getting back on track (lol)..I always find myself staring outside at the pool throughout the day. Like everything else…..I LOVE to dress up the poolLol..not with your typical decorative pool floaties…but with flowers! If I could, I would put fresh flowers in the pool everyday lol but that would be very expensive and pretty wasteful. The next best thing to real flowers are “foam flowers.” I absolutely love foam flowers because you can reuse them a million times (I like to personally keep them in year-round) and they’re pretty reasonably priced. Thank you Just Artifacts for my newest “Foam Lotus Floating Water Flowers”…I’ve also used them at my baby shower as well as my sisters..they are perfect. So now your pool will not only be peaceful..but it will also be pretty. 

My Floting Lotus’:



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I have posted photos below of my pool flower inspirations. Enjoy!