Hey loves! So I always get asked for tips on how to spruce up your house while staying on a budget. Well... I’m here to deliver! :) 

  So there’s always been this stigma about fake flowers...Personally, I feel...If it looks good, it looks good! Especially if it means you can still achieve the fresh flower look without the expense or maintenance! 

Soo..... Real or Faux? 

IMG_8067 2.jpg

ANSWER: The cream flowers in the square vases are in fact the artificial blooms. Believe it or not...they even feel real-er than they look! The Orange blooms are real, from my home garden! :) 

Tips & Tricks: If you’re too afraid to go full throttle with the idea of using fake blooms..or if you simply want to just add more pops of color/festiveness to your real flowers..simply do what I do & mix them in! Personally, like most women, I enjoy the aroma of fresh flowers in my I still do like to keep fresh flowers around. I find that adding the artificial blooms simply liven up my home even more. As I stated earlier, by using faux flowers, I’m able to save money by not having to fill up my house with fresh flowers every week. I’m also able to save time and energy being that there’s practically zero maintenance. 

IMG_8068 2.jpg
IMG_8073 2.jpg


Sidenote: For the guys that visit my blog..don’t get ahead of yourselves thinking you can go the inexpensive route and buy your lady fake flowers! LOL! I am definitely not saying artificial blooms are "gift worthy"..this is simply a tip for the ladies who want to get the look without having to pay the price or deal with the upkeep of fresh flowers every week! FAUX FLOWERS SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN AS A GIFT ON ANY SPECIAL OCCASION. 

Anyway, I would like to thank @HomeGoods for offering such gorgeous faux flowers! Their prices are seriously unbelievably low for such high quality items. My flowers and vases were priced at $20.00 each. Yes! That's including the heavy, high quality glass vase! I highly recommend HomeGoods for not only faux flower arrangements but also all other home decor items. 


Thank You @HomeGoods #GOFINDING!