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Today, people have many different opinions on what the most important thing to have in life is…

Some may say..

  1. Love……….of course I think love is important..we all cherish the love of our family and friends but it isn’t the most important thing to have (to me)…and without the most important “thing” to have (to me) quite frankly we wouldn’t receive much love at all…
  2. Happiness……..Like love, my happiness and the happiness of others is very important to me..however, still…without the most important “thing” to have (to me) there would be very little happiness in the world today…
  3.  Money…of course it’s better to have money than not to have money..however, it certainly isn’t the most important “thing” to have (to me)… 

So…what do I think the most important “thing” to have in life is?


In my opinion,  a “value” is something I think is more important than anything else…more important than:

  • Money
  • Love
  • Happiness

….and also my values are more important than my feelings. This logic tends to be something many people struggle with..whether they are aware of it or not. Why?…because today, people think that the way they feel about something is more important than a ANYTHING…even their values.

Everday..many people fight an internal battle…The internal battle between what they feel (emotionally) vs. the value that the hold (morally).

A quick example…most of us always feel like eating junk food..but if we were to always eat what we feel like eating..we would be very unhealthy and extremely obese. So, what then stops us from eating any and everything we want to eat? A Value. The value of knowing the need to stay healthy. The battle here would be between what we feel, (the desire to eat junk food) vs. the value we hold (staying healthy).

Now on a bigger and more important scale:

If you really think about it…almost all crime and wrongdoing in the world today is done because people simply do not have morals or they just choose to not live by them because they FEEL like doing something else…

A murderer, does what he/she feels…which is taking a life…instead of living by the value of preserving a human life.

A thief, also does what he/she feels…which is taking whatever they feel like having instead of living by the value of not stealing..the list goes on and on…that is why GOOD VALUES are the most important thing we can have…because without them the world would be a worse place. In my opinion…the best type of people I know……the nicest, the kindest, the happiest or the most honest,  ALL live a life with good values.

We all are obviously imperfect, living in a world of temptation, so now you may be wondering…How can we possibly live a high moral life in an immoral society? My answer is simple…Try your absolute best to ALWAYS do thr morally correct thing, NOT just whatever you feel like doing! We all make mistakes and do things that may not be considered morally correct, and that’s okay, accept your wrongdoing..figure out the best way to correct it and use your best efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen again.