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I get a lot of questions regarding my skin and how I’m able to keep it “tight” and “youthful looking.” People alway comment that I look 14 or 15 years old when I am fresh faced and not wearing make up. It could partially be due to genetics, however, I do also give a lot of credit to..believe it or not….fresh squeezed orange juice. There is not a morning that goes by that I don’t drink at least 1 glass. Not only is it extremely tasty but it’s also good for you. I know you’re probably saying.. “duh, the juice comes from a fruit, of course it’s good for you.” But it’s not just “good” for you…it’s GREAT for you..and for several GREAT health and cosmetic reasons!


Great Health Reasons to drink F.S.O.J:

  1. F.S.O.J (with no Preservatives..literally squeezed or pressed directly out of the orange) is (obviously) a citrus drink and citrus fruits are at the top of the Vitamin C rich foods list. There have been many studies that link Vitamin C to cancer prevention. There is also very strong evidence that foods rich in Vitamin C can protect against many cancers such as; lung, breast and cervical cancer. Not only are Vitamin C foods used to prevent cancer, High dose Vitamin C has also been used for a long time (since the 1970’s) to treat cancer patients. 
  2. Vitamin C can improve your blood circulation, which can produce a significant reduction of high blood pressure and hypertension. 
  3. Drinking F.S.O.J on an empty stomach can help improve your intestinal movement because the acidic juice works great for purifying your body.
  4. F.S.O.J also has anti-inflammatory properties such as “flavorides” which work great to heal the stiffness and pain of arthritis.

Great Cosmetic Reasons to drink F.S.O.J:

  1. Orange juice is commonly used as an anti-aging treatment. It reduces cellular oxidation, which is known to slow aging.
  2. It is a common theory that F.S.O.J is filled with anti-oxidants that can help to effectively cut pounds. 
  3. Studies have shown that drinking just one serving of F.S.O.J is the best way to maintain long-lasting fresh skin.
  4. If you ever have the horrible experience of getting sunburned, drink F.S.O.J-it is a natural healer.

I have always drunk a lot of orange juice and I knew it had it’s benefits but after doing my research on what all it can do for me..I have begun to enjoy it even more. Of course there are many more benefits to drinking F.S.O.J but I don’t want to bore you…so I will end my OJ lesson here! LoL

*Please be aware that you should drink F.S.O.J, as well as anything else in moderation. Remember that too much of anything can be potentially hazardous.

May you all have a safe weekend! Muah!

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